Ammonia Gas Detector Accessories

Each ammonia detection application may have unique needs, and Cool Air Incorporated offers a variety of accessories to help keep your personnel safe, and keep your ammonia gas detectors up and running.

Remote Horn and Strobe

Used to quickly notify personnel of an ammonia leak when an alarm condition occurs, via bright LED lights and audible horn.

Locally Mounted Horn and Strobe

This horn and strobe mounts to the top of the detector to notify personnel of an ammonia leak when an alarm condition occurs, via bright LED lights and audible horn.

High Output Remote Horn and Strobe

The high output horn and strobe is specifically designed to be used in areas that are especially loud, with a powerful 117 dB(A) audible alarm horn.

LCD Door Monitor

The LCD door monitor allows for the remote display of the ammonia concentration, from a single detector.

Remote Sensor

With the remote sensor, the sensing element (transmitter) can be placed up to 500 feet away from the ammonia detector (receiver), allowing for greater flexibility in your application.

Calibration Kit

Properly calibrate your ammonia detectors fitted with electrochemical or catalytic bead type sensors. Kit includes adapters, a flow regulator, and rubber tubing.

Washdown Tubes

If your ammonia detector is located in an area that requires wash down, or is exposed to outdoor elements, the washdown utility tubes will help to protect sensor life and performance.

Backup Battery

In the event of a power outage, the backup battery can provide additional operation for your LBW-420 or LBW-50 ammonia leak detector models.

IP Sensor Appliance

The IP sensor appliance incorporates a web server and analog/digital inputs, indicating which detector is activated, the ammonia concentration in PPM, and provide a date and time stamp of the event.

Stainless Steel Latches

These stainless-steel latches can replace the access screws, on LBW-420 and LBW-50 ammonia detectors, allowing for easy access inside the detector enclosure.

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