High Output Remote
Horn and Strobe

Cool Air Incorporated

High Output Remote Horn and Strobe

When an alarm condition occurs, the High Output Remote Horn and Strobe from Cool Air Inc. can be used to inform personnel of an ammonia leak, thereby protecting the health and safety of employees working at the facility.  Per industry standards, an audible alarm providing leak notification shall be capable of achieving a sound pressure level of 15 decibels (dB) above the average ambient sound level and 5 dB above the maximum sound level of the area in which it is installed.  This alarm light and horn is specifically purposed to be used in areas that are especially loud, with a powerful 117 dB(A) audible alarm horn.  Making it a great choice for noisy engine rooms, process areas, busy docks, etc.


  • Great for engine rooms and other areas with loud equipment 
  • Available in multiple voltage configurations to meet the application needs
  • Separate circuits for the horn and strobe providing multiple wiring options
  • Powerful 117 dB(A) audible alarm horn and bright Xenon strobe light (available in Blue, Amber, or Red)
  • 80 different field adjustable tones

SKU’s/Part Numbers

Price: $710.00 (all SKUs same price)

  • HO-REM-HU-ST-24 – (24VDC version)
  • HO-REM-HU-ST-120 – (120VAC version)
  • HO-REM-HU-ST-230 – (230VAC version)