Remote Sensor

Cool Air Incorporated

Remote Sensor

The remote sensor from Cool Air Inc. adds additional flexibility to meet the needs of your application.  This option allows for the sensor (transmitter) to be placed far away from the detector (receiver). A useful example of this feature is to display the ammonia concentration at a door entrance using the detector, while the actual ammonia detection is taking place inside the room, keeping personnel safe prior to room entry. Our remote sensors can be placed up to 500 ft away from the detector creating the flexibility you need for your application.


  • Remote sense up to 500 ft away from the detector
  • Safely detect ammonia concentration prior to room entry
  • Both Cool Air electrochemical and solid-state sensors can be configured for remote sensing
  • Multiple cable lengths available, pricing for 50 and 100 ft lengths shown below


SKU’s/Part Numbers

  • LBW-XXX-RS (no cable)
    • Price = $258.00*
  • LBW-XXX-RS-50 (includes 50 ft cable)
    • Price = $320.00*
  • LBW-XXX-RS-100 (includes 100 ft cable)
    • Price = $335.00*
  • LBW-XXX-RL-RS-50 – (RLV version, includes 50 ft cable)
    • Price = $445.00*

*Substitute model number (420, 50 or Watchman) for XXX


  • Pricing does not include actual sensing element, sensing element is included in the price of the detector.
  • Cannot connect multiple remote sensors to a single detector.