Washdown Tubes

Washdown Tubes

Protecting the sensor in harsh environments is crucial to sensor life and performance. Our sensors are placed on the exterior of the enclosures for the fastest detection response possible in the event of an ammonia leak. If your detector is located in an area where wash down may occur or is outdoors and exposed to various weather elements, our wash down utility tubes will provide the added protection needed to keep your sensor working.  


  • Added sensor protection for detectors mounted in washdown areas and outdoors
  • Solid-state version has a door to provide access to the cell for calibration
  • Electrochemical version easy to install and remove when needed for calibration

SKU’s/Part Numbers

  • ABS-WDT (for detectors with solid state sensors)
    • Price: $145.00
  • ABS-WDT-EC (for detectors with electrochemical sensors)
    • Price: $128.00