Digital Central Supervisory
Alarm Panel (DCSAP)

Cool Air Incorporated

SKU’s/Part Numbers

  • DCSAP-8 (8 zone panel) $3,295.00

  • DCSAP-16 (16 zone panel) $4,500.00

  • DCSAP-24 (24 zone panel) $5,715.00

  • DCSAP-32 (32 zone panel) $6,855.00

Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel (DCSAP)

The Cool Air Inc. Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel (DCSAP) is the perfect tool for monitoring all your ammonia leak detectors from a central location. Just like our popular ammonia gas detectors, this panel has a bright LED display, providing the ammonia concentration for each detector that is connected to it. LEDs for each zone indicate whether or not a detector is in early warning or alarm status. Toggle switches provide the ability to easily silence any detector when an alarm condition has been triggered. Finally, alarm output relays can be connected to auxiliary control and alarm monitoring systems to notify the proper personnel in the event of an ammonia leak.

  • Can monitor up to 32 individual zones, all from one location
  • Bright LED display, indicating NH3 concentration in ppm for the selected zone
  • Two global output relay contacts (Early Warning and Alarm)
  • Alarm LEDs and silence toggle switches, for each individual zone
  • Able to provide 24 VDC power for all connected detectors
  • NEMA 4X rated enclosure protecting panel electronics for any harsh environment
  • Optional fieldbus communication cards (ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP)

The DCSAP is manufactured in the USA and comes with our standard three-year limited warranty.

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