Remote Horn
and Strobe

Remote Horn and Strobe

When an alarm condition occurs, the remote horn and strobe from Cool Air Inc. can be used to provide a visual/audible signal to notify personnel in the event of an ammonia leak. Our remote horn and strobes are specifically purposed to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications for any harsh environment. Select from up to fourteen different colors and stack them up to five rows high, in any combination. Available with optional, silence/normal/test toggle switch, so the user can place the horn in silence mode whenever needed. As a failsafe, the LED lights will continue to blink, indicating ammonia gas is still present and the concentration is above the alarm level. Pair these units with any of our popular fixed leak detector models to complete your ammonia leak detection system.


  • Brighter light (14 different colors available) via long-life LED lights
  • Stack up to 5 rows of LED lights
  • 99 dB audible horn at 1m
  • Steady or flashing versions of the LED lights available
  • Sealed omni-directional alarm horn (pulsating, optional continuous)
  • Equipped with or without Test/Normal/Silence toggle switch

SKU’s/Part Numbers

Single Red LED Light Examples

  • REM-1L=Red, FLASH (LEDs Flashing Red, no cable, no switch)
    • Price: $660.00*
  • REM-1L=Red, FLASH-50 (LEDs Flashing Red, includes 50 ft cable, no switch)
    • Price: $730.00*
  • REM-1L=Red, FLASH-SW (LEDs Flashing Red, no Cable, includes switch)
    • Price: $745.00*
  • REM-1L=Red, FLASH-SW-50 (LEDs Flashing Red, includes 50 ft cable and switch)
    • Price: $810.00*

*Each additional row of LED lights adds $110.00 to the price

Notes: Additional cable lengths possible, call for availability