Backup Battery


Backup Battery

Should a power outage occur in your facility, the Back-up Battery can provide additional operation for your LBW-420 or LBW-50 detector models.  By design, the battery is on a continuous trickle charge, keeping it fully charged and ready to take over in the event of a line power loss.  This can provide additional ammonia detection for added protection of your employees and property.


  • Continuous detector operation for 1-2 hours in the event of a short-term power outage
  • Mounts inside enclosure for protection from the elements
  • Available for LBW-50 and LBW-420 detector models
  • Comes with wiring harness and hook & Loop tape for mounting.

SKU’s/Part Numbers

Price: $180.00

  • LBW-50/420/RL-BB