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Reliable Manufacturer of
Ammonia Gas Detectors and Monitors


Dependable, Low Cost, Low Maintenance Ammonia Gas Detection & Monitoring

For over 35 years, Cool Air Incorporated has been manufacturing ammonia leak detectors for industrial refrigeration industries such as food processing plants, cold storage facilities, fish processors, utilities, and more, in the USA and around the world.

Cool Air Incorporated leak detectors are the most reliable, have the longest lasting sensor, and are the easiest to maintain of any detectors on the market today. They come with a three year warranty. Our website has calibration instruction videos for all our detectors. We also offer technical phone support and custom solutions.

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Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

If you have any further questions pertaining to application, installation, service and/or maintenance, please submit an email to the address located on our 'Contact' page and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Our Mission

Cool Air Incorporated designs builds and markets Ammonia leak detectors and accessories.

Cool Air Incorporated is committed to provide all industries using or storing ammonia, the equipment necessary to protect personnel and property. We do this by providing high quality, highly reliable, affordable ammonia leak detection systems.

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