Ammonia Leak Detectors

Ammonia Leak Detectors

Cool Air Incorporated offers a full range of ammonia leak detectors ideal for industrial refrigeration industries like food processing plants, fish processors, cold storage facilities, power utilities, and more.

LBW-WATCHMAN Ammonia Leak Detector

The LBW-WATCHMAN Ammonia Leak Detector is the most compact, affordable solution from Cool Air Incorporated. The bright LED display indicates ammonia concentration in parts per million, in real-time.

LBW-50 Ammonia Leak Detector

The LBW-50 Ammonia Leak Detector is a robust, analog detector with 5 LED lights on the detector panel, to give you a quick snapshot of any level exceedances.

LBW-420 Ammonia Leak Detector

The LBW-420 Ammonia Leak Detector is the most versatile offering, which includes an LED display for providing ammonia concentration in real time, a 4-20 mA output and 3 relays.

LBW-420-LEL Ammonia Leak Detector

The LBW-420-LEL Leak Detector is designed specifically for the detection of very high concentrations of ammonia in the event of a catastrophic leak.