LCD Door Monitor

Cool Air Incorporated

LCD Door Monitor

The LCD Door Monitor from Cool Air Inc. allows for the remote display of the ammonia concentration from a single detector.  The door monitors can be mounted near door entrances to engine rooms or refrigerated areas, to notify a worker of a potential ammonia leak prior to entry.  The door monitor utilizes the 4-20 mAmp output signal from either our LBW-Watchman or LBW-420 detectors to display the ammonia concentration in parts per million.


  • Bright LED display, indicating NH3 concentration in ppm
  • Safety yellow NEMA 4X enclosure protecting electronics for any harsh environment
  • Factory scalable 4 to 20mA input range
  • Connect up to two door monitors to a single detector

SKU’s/Part Numbers

  • DM-LCD (no cable)
    • Price: $440.00
  • DM-LCD-50 (includes 50 ft cable)
    • Price: $470.00
  • DM-LCD-RALHU-SW (includes locally mounted alarm light/horn and silence switch)
    • Price: $1,010.00
  • DM-LCD-RALHU-SW-50 (includes locally mounted alarm light/horn, silence switch and 50 ft cable)
    • Price: $1045.00