Other Options Stainless Steel Latches & Sample Draw Adapter

Cool Air Incorporated

Stainless Steel Latches

The stainless steel latches are for use on new LBW-420's and LBW-50's. These latches can also replace screws on detectors already installed in the field

Kit Includes:

  • (2) slide on stainless steel latches
  • (2) plastic hole plugs

Price: $47.00


sample draw

Sample Draw Adapter

Convert your LBW-420, LBW-Watchman, or LBW-50 equipped with our popular electrochemical sensor into a sample draw detector by adding our inexpensive and easy to install sample draw adapter. 1/4 turn and it is ready to use. Standard 1/4" barbed hose fittings.

Price: $180.00

Part Number: EC-SMPL-DRW