Ammonia Detectors

Ammonia Gas Detectors and Monitors
with Superior Quality

Cool Air Incorporated, a leader in ammonia gas monitoring equipment, offers a full line of ammonia gas detectors, relief line vent detectors, handheld detectors and monitoring panels.

Cool Air Incorporated

Ammonia Leak Detectors

Choose from a variety of ammonia detectors that protect your product and personnel, right out of the box.

Cool Air Incorporated

Ammonia Relief Line Vent Gas Detectors

When ammonia detection monitoring is needed for your refrigeration system's relief line vent (RLV), choose from a range of RLV detectors that can be utilized to meet the needs of your vent line applications.

Cool Air Incorporated

Handheld Ammonia Detectors

This portable, handheld ammonia detector can be used for performing routine checks in a variety of areas.

Cool Air Incorporated

Monitoring Panels

The Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel is perfect for monitoring all your ammonia gas detectors from a central location.