Ammonia Relief Line Vent
Gas Detector LBW-50-RLV

Price: $995.00 (same for all SKUs)

SKU’s / Part Numbers

  • LBW-50-RLV (120 VAC detector configured with solid state sensor, 2” RLV fitting mounted on back)
  • LBW-50-1-RLV (24 VDC detector configured with solid state sensor, 2” RLV fitting mounted on back)

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Ammonia Relief Line Vent Gas Detector LBW-50-RLV

In the event of an ammonia release, having gas detectors on your vent lines can alert safety personnel, so swift action can be taken to reduce the potential exposure to the surrounding community and the onsite workers.

The LBW-50-RLV relief line vent (RLV) detector has the basics needed to suit most of the needs your vent line application requires. We take a standard LBW-50 detector and retrofit it with a 2-inch schedule 80 fitting, potted electronics, and robust 0-1000 ppm solid-state sensor. The detector is capable of sensing any ammonia in your relief line vent header, regardless if it is coming from a weeping valve or during a release due to system overpressure. The front panel contains five LEDs that illuminate when ammonia gas is detected. Two of the LEDs are paired with the detectors alarm set points and it comes equipped with three output relays for connecting to alarm beacons/horns and auxiliary equipment. All of this is packaged in a bright, safety yellow enclosure allowing for quick identification.

  • Front panel LEDs, indicate progressive NH3 concentration
  • Capable of sensing ammonia at very low concentrations to catch weeping valves
  • Annual calibration requirement, reducing maintenance costs
  • RLV fitting mounted on back of detector or configured as remote sensor
  • Same features as standard LBW-50

The LBW-50-RLV detector is manufactured in the USA and comes with our standard three-year limited warranty.

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