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Monitoring Panel : Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel (DCSAP)

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Ammonia Leak Detectors 

Model LBW-420 (115/230 VAC) & LBW-420-1 (24 VDC)

The model LBW-420 or LBW-420-1 ammonia leak detector is easy to use and requires little maintenance. This versatile detector has all the features you need to get the job done safely and is certified by TUV Rheinland.

It comes equipped with a built-in ammonia sensor that accurately monitors ammonia concentration in parts per million (ppm) and displays it on the detector with a reading between 25 and 1000 ppm. The detector has several different indicator lights, including an early warning light, so you will always be aware of a potential leak prior to full alarm.

The detector also has a convenient "service mode," which will temporarily disable the detector's alarm relays and the 4-20 mA signal during testing or calibration.
LBW-420 Ammonia Leak Detector TUV Rheinland Certification 
PDF: LBW-420 Brochure
PDF: LBW-420 Engineering Specifications
PDF: LBW-420 Operation and Maintenance Manual

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Model LBW-50

The model LBW-50 ammonia leak detector has been the 'workhorse' model for Cool Air Incorporated. The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure and the detector shares some of the same features as the LBW-420. Some of those features include, progressive indicator lights for ammonia concentration, relay outputs for early warning and alarm, and a service mode. This product is pending certification from TUV Rheinland.

The LBW-50 can be adjusted to set off its early warning (factory set, non-field adjustable) and alarm (field adjustable) relays for an ammonia concentration value of between 25 and 800 ppm. This product does not have a display screen or output a 4-20 mA signal like the LBW-420 leak detector model.
LBW-50 Ammonia Leak Detector
PDF: LBW-50 Brochure
PDF: LBW-50 Engineering Specifications
PDF: LBW-50 Operation and Maintenance Manual

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Ammonia Relief Line vent Gas Detector (Model LBW-RLV)

The model LBW-RLV leak detector is specially designed to monitor the ammonia gas concentration in a relief line vent pipe. After many years of reliable service as the 'LBW-50-RLV', Cool Air Incorporated has re-designed this unit to allow for more internal space for wiring and/or installing our optional back-up battery. Also, this unit has a service mode that allows for testing or calibrating without setting off any external alarms.

The solid-state ammonia sensor for this product is located on the back of the unit. The 2-inch, schedule 80 PVC fitting that the sensor socket is potted into, should be installed using a union. This will facilitate removing the unit for testing, calibrating, or servicing. The detector early warning (factory set, non-field adjustable) and alarm (field adjustable) setpoints can be set for an ammonia concentration value of between 25 and 800 ppm. It has indicator lights for both power and service mode, and a progressive light tree for the ammonia concentration.

PDF: LBW-RLV Brochure
PDF: LBW-RLV Engineering Specifications
PDF: LBW-50/RLV Operation and Maintenance Manual

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LBW-RLV Leak Detector

Handheld Ammonia Leak Detector (Model LBW-HHS)

The Cool Air Incorporated handheld ammonia leak detector is a versatile tool for performing routine checks in engine rooms, around evaporator coils in processing areas, coolers, or freezers, or in confined areas prior to entry. This unit is designed for easy one-hand operation, contains an internal sampling pump for drawing in the target gas, and uses a flexible wand for pinpointing the source of a leak. The large LCD display allows for the measured values to be easily displayed and, for low-light environments, a back-light insures readability.

The ammonia sensor for this detector is a 'smart sensor'. This type of sensor has all of the logic built into it. So, when calibration is required, only the sensor needs to be calibrated not the entire unit.

PDF: LBW-HHS Brochure

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LBW-HHS Leak Detector 

monitoring Panel

Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel (DCSAP)

The Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel is excellent for monitoring several leak detectors at once. This panel comes in four different configurations to monitor either 8, 16, 24, or 32 independent zones.

The DCSAP has an easy to read, large LED display screen that shows the ppm reading, as well as, the zone or detector it is linked to. Each detector number on the panel has its own early warning and alarm indicator lights, unit label, and a switch that will put that detector into either normal mode or silent mode (during alarms).

In addition to having visual lights for early warning and alarms, the panel also includes a single audible alarm, that will go off if any detector is alarming. The horn can be silenced with either the alarming zone or global switch. Once the ammonia concentration decreases below the alarm setpoints, the horn will sound again until the alarming zone or global switch are put back into the normal mode.

PDF: DCSAP Brochure
PDF: DCSAP Operation and Maintenance Manual

Digital Central Supervisory Alarm Panel 

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